.308 138gr CHT

.308 138gr Copper Hunting Bullet Medium Velocity is an expanding bullet designed especially for full power loads in .308 Winchester, .30-06 and other calibers giving similar performance.

This bullet is extremely versatile, it can be used from small game up to moose and brown bear hunting.
It is our most popular CHT type bullet.

This is a plastic tipped bullet.

Recommended muzzle velocity up to 900 m/s
Recommended minimum impact velocity 650 m/s

Minimum rifle twist 12"

Ballistic Coefficient G1 .385

Bullet length: 30.6 millimeters

Best for: hunting roe deer, whitetail deer and moose and bear

This is our choice for moose hunting with .308 Winchester

Price: 140€ / 100 pcs.
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