UPB .500 305gr Copper Hunting Tipped bullet is designed for rifles that shoot .500" caliber bullets. Maximum recommended impact velocity is 700 m/s and minimum 460 m/s.

This bullet is designed to expand quickly and to large diameter. It is suited best for hunting moose, whitetail deer, red deer, wild boar and brown bear.
It is also a good choice for hunting black bear and roe deer.

This is the best choice for moose hunting for calibers like .50 Beowulf and .500 S&W

This bullet meets Finnish hunting regulations for a leadfree big game (moose and brown bear) training and shooting test bullet

Minimum rifle twist 28"

Ballistic coefficient G1 .190

Typical calibers .50 Beowulf, .500 S&W

Price: 125€ / 50 pcs.
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