9mm 121gr KMR EMIQ Open Major

9mm 121gr is designed especially for IPSC Open Major pistols with short freebore, like KMR Emiq.

This is the only leadfree bullet in the world you can use for IPSC Open division major Power Factor in 9mm and .38 Super calibers.

It also works extremely well in 9mm pistols that let you load your ammunition longer, typically 31.0-31.5mm.
An excellent bullet also for KMR Orca

We recommend only Reload Swiss RS 24 powder for major loads.

Please note, that overall cartridge length for 9mm should be 31.6mm and 31.8mm for .38 Super.

Diameter: 9.02mm /.355
Length: 17.3mm

  • 195€ / 1000pcs

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